In this digital world, people’s buying decision starts with the search on the internet. They look for information about the brand, products and services first and then make up their mind to buy. If you are still doing the business a traditional way, you may lose out many potential customers, so, its time you make that paradigm shift. However, you must be wondering how to convert your traditional business into an e-business and how would you grow it. Don’t worry, we are here to help.

You can hire SEO services in Melbourne as they can help you develop and execute your e-business strategy in a highly cost-effective manner and in a significantly reduced time frame.

The decision to change from traditional business method to e-business is a big step, but has many benefits and lead to tremendous business growth. While many of your business processes and operations will be the same, there are certain things you need to consider.

  • Operating Procedures

The first step in converting from traditional business into e-business is to document in detail all your business operations. Plan out each step in the process, starting with how to receive orders, fill them and ship them to your customers. Also, build customer services and procedures for returns and refunds. Much of the e-business can be automated so you would need less staff to handle the same number of orders as before. However, you may need to include plans to handle expanding quantities of orders as the e-business runs 24/7.

  • Build a Website

When converting a traditional business into e-business, building a website is imperative. A website will be the face of your business where people will visit to know about you, what kind of product or services you offer and this will also help to instil the brand in the customers’ mind. However, when building a website, make it attractive, easy to navigate and highly functional. The pages on your website should load quickly and be responsive as people tend to make searches through various mobile devices. The website should have all the necessary information, but not crowded. Do build a website as unique as your business, hire a professional designer.

  • Advertising

As in traditional business, advertising is important for customer acquisition so is in e-business. The only difference is the type of method used, e-businesses use digital marketing to spread brand awareness, increase customer base, grow, increase ROI and brand loyalty. However, digital marketing is an umbrella term with different tactics which can be tailored according to the business needs.

Commonly used methods to bring customers to your website are PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, where you pay each time someone clicks on your ad. The other one is providing useful content, however, it needs to be optimised with keywords related to business to help search engine catalogue pages as highly relevant to the search topic. Search engine optimisation helps in that which is another digital marketing tactic. You need to have knowledge and ability to make it work effectively and if not then hire the SEO services in Melbourne to help you optimise your website.

The above-mentioned are the steps to successfully convert the traditional business into e-business. However, just remember, once initiated the process must be continuous, integrated and focused.

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